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    • I've experienced some of the same issue you mentioned. I took it out on a few outings and it seems to take a bit of effort to get it all working smoothly. The good news is firmware and software updates are coming out on a regular basis. I've not fired it up in a couple of months and am taking the approach to try it out every couple of months to see how the improvements work. I tend to want to do everything myself (bracketing, focus stacking, post-processing,...etc) so I don't know that I would ever use it seriously. But it might be a good tool for a hobbyist or a large percentage of photogs that are not heavily into these techniques and post-processing. My 2 cents.

    • Yeah, that's the great thing about firmware! All the issues are with the software, which can always be updated and improved. At least that's how I justified the investment in the new toy ;-)