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    • Nice report! I do not own this device. From what you are saying, it seems that someone with a little photographic knowledge could get the intended shot quicker without all the hassle. Once the company gets the bugs worked out and get the software fully developed reliably, then it may prove to be a useful tool. 😊

    • I've experienced some of the same issue you mentioned. I took it out on a few outings and it seems to take a bit of effort to get it all working smoothly. The good news is firmware and software updates are coming out on a regular basis. I've not fired it up in a couple of months and am taking the approach to try it out every couple of months to see how the improvements work. I tend to want to do everything myself (bracketing, focus stacking, post-processing,...etc) so I don't know that I would ever use it seriously. But it might be a good tool for a hobbyist or a large percentage of photogs that are not heavily into these techniques and post-processing. My 2 cents.