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    • It seems so strange that one of the greatest advances in modern medicine is learning how to reverse the damaging effects of one of the greatest advances in modern medicine.

      No doubt antibiotics have saved countless lives by killing harmful bacteria, and now medical science is trying to save countless lives by restoring the good bacteria that antibiotics are wiping out.

      Canada is building a $12 million International Microbiome Center and Kathy McCoy, the Director, had fascinating things to say about the effect of antibiotics on our health in an interview.

    • The idea of the microbiome in your gut being the "Lost Organ" is pretty incredible. I didn't realize just how important to the function of your body and even the brain the gut bacteria is. As the author describes in the article if one of your organs doesn't function properly it starts affecting the functions of all other organs!

    • Interesting interview! It seems like as we do so often, we found a lever to pull (antibiotics) and jerked it all the way to 11- now we have to get smarter about how to use the tool.

    • Although microbiome products are often sold as the cure to everything by alternative medicine quacks, microbiome research is certainly an exciting field of research and one that holds promise for the huge rise in obesity in advanced countries. It's nice to see Canada (my home country) building a research centre in this area of science.

    • How many of you have heard about the recent research that has found that following your full course of an antibiotic is not necessarily the best course of action? Please follow your doctor's instructions as to how to use antibiotics but check into this research that seems to have upended much of our common wisdom on this important topic of antibiotic use.

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