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    • I’ve been using my enclosed trailer as a homebase for my adventures, hauling motorcycles, kayaks etc...

      I’m sleeping/camping in it when I get to wherever I’m going and I’ve decided to add a few extra levels of comfort. Starting with insulation then some solar charging & batteries to power the lights a fan to circulate some air and charge a few things maybe even blowup an air bed.

      First up opening the walls to add insulation

      (to be continued)

    • Excited to see your progress!

      What are you using for your inverter / battery bank? I know a few people that love using the Goal Zero Yeti's.

    • Haven’t decided on power yet still in the research stage, the yeti is sweet keep the ideas coming 👍.

      I have the original Goal Zero Nomad I still use it when camping off the bike.

    • I was thinking of replacing my van with a new one to haul my dirt bikes and sleep in, but I had never thought of sleeping in a trailer. Hmmm, neat idea. I look forward to seeing your finished project.

    • Started insulting today then got sidetracked with Christmas lights, will try to finish installing this week In between work.

      I only picked up 6 sheets if the pink insulation should do all the walls and some of the “attic“.

    • Nice work with those tight cuts! I remember from engineering classes that a small gap in insulation results in a disproportionately large transfer of heat.

      Will the black struts/studs conduct much heat?

    • I’m sure there’s going to be some transfer it’s like top hat channel steel, I’ll fill all the gaps wit strips of the pink foam and exspanding foam to seal it up.

      I’m not getting much time to work on it, 10 & 12 hour days at work. It drives me crazy having a project just sitting there.

    • Got out to the trailer for a few hours today, the insulation is almost complete. Hopefully I can get out there tomorrow and finish up the walls so I can start welding up the framing for the battery compartment.

    • Just a little, I’ve been working like a mad man for New Years it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

      Up next is Chinese new years then final certification in the new convention space, the networks copper and fiber and find any bugs in the automation and audio systems that the integration company might try to slide by/miss. The next six weeks is going to be nuts.

      A little OSHA violation “the show must go on” that’s not me in the picture, I’m lucky enough to not have to do stupid stuff like that anymore 😜

    • I was only able to get a few hours in the trailer this weekend, put the walls back up and pulled the ceiling down to start insulation, ran new wires for the lights and fan whil I was in there.

      Blew my allotted $$ for the month on a new ceiling vent/fan. 😜

    • I’m still here, just working a lot.

      I’ve had little time to work on the trailer just a little here and there, the new roof vent is installed and the ceiling is going in along with all of the electrical for the fan and lighting.

    • I’m still here.

      Work is crazy right now, the new convention space opened on time the only problem is construction was behind two months. So no time for debugging the systems just head first and we’re live.

    • Work on the Tiny Toy-Hauler has been slow at best. I did manage to get the walls and ceiling all buttoned. I’m working on the wiring and fuse panel for the fan and lights.

      I’ve managed to borrow a Goalzero Yeti 1000 from my uncle to use as a power supply to see if it will meet my needs.

      I have plans to use it quite a few time starting at the end of the month until the first of may.

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