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    • Awesome video. As an undergrad, I briefly majored in nuclear physics because I believed it was the safest and cleanest fuel, but I changed back to geophysics when I could see how hardened public opinion was against it. I think it's like air travel: it's really scary and dangerous whereas you can relax in cars, not scary.

    • What an amazing video that was hilarious even with subtitles. And simultaneously most informative on nuclear power.

      The one factoid that screamed out at me is this:

      You need 600 windmills to generate the energy equal to one nuclear power plant that you chose not to build.

      So I started doing some research to answer a few questions that came to mind.

      How many wind turbines are currently in the world right now?

      341,000 wind turbines

      Source: CNBC

      How much CO2 do those wind turbines avoid spewing into the atmosphere?

      637 million tons

      Source: See above

      How much CO2 does one large scale nuclear power plant avoid spewing?

      I don’t know

      How much energy does an average wind turbine produce?

      About 3 mega watts (MW).


      How long does it take to build wind turbines?

      Construction time is usually very short – a 10 MW wind farm can easily be built in two months. A larger 50 MW wind farm can be built in six months.

      Source: See above

      Could more large scale or small scale nuclear power plants, or a combination of both be our best option over wind and solar?