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    • I've stared at my screen for 30 minutes struggling to answer this. We live on a miraculous blue orb with water, warmth, air, and beauty. We can video call our friends in Paris. We can fly in a rocket across the seas while watching movies. And yet, there are people all around who are richer, more popular, better looking and with more things — and that makes us sad.

      In a world that prizes fame & fortune, I'm thankful for people who somehow forgo those those things to teach our children, care for the mentally ill and disabled, and volunteer for humanitarian causes. I don't know how they toil in anonymity, facing risks and low pay and dealing with the sadness they see.

      I will always be so thankful for them.

    • I am filled with gratitude constantly for just for being alive and in good health. Having lost some close family members in the past couple of years I am thinking more about life and how important good health is. The poor habits of those family members were major contributors to their shorter life. I have been blessed with some knowledge about how to eat healthier, exercise more, and try harder to maintain good health. Prior to that knowledge only good luck was on my side.

      I am also grateful that I live in a place that values the environment and strives to keep the air and water clean, and dispose of waste environmentally. I am grateful that I can easily obtain plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to eat. And that I can easily get exercise in beautiful surroundings conveniently nearby.

      I am grateful for supportive family (including our dog) and friends to buoy me up when I am down and make me smile and laugh often.

      I am grateful I have a challenging job that keeps me busy and occupied and that I have wonderful supportive co-workers.

      I am grateful for the younger generation of Americans who are not afraid to speak up about issues such as gun control, racism, and real equal rights for everyone. They make the future look brighter for America.

      I am looking forward to the new year and to seeing what happens with the political climate in America changing since the recent elections. I am optimistic that we can somehow bring the blue and the red together for the good of America. Hopefully climate change will become more recognized and motivate changes to improve health for everyone in the future.