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    • today we say goodbye to G+ and i have posted what will be my very last self portrait sunday over there–or as it was originally called "selfy sunday" so many years back when jeff smith and levi moore started it

      i have so much to thank for this theme for allowing me to grow as an artist and discover just how therapeutic and enriching doing self portraiture can be. and yes, we have expanded the theme to facebook, flickr, instagram, and many other social media avenues, but i will still hold the original days of selfy sunday very close to my heart

      i guess it's fitting that this week's theme for self portrait sunday was "disgust" (my shot pictured below) as that is what i feel for Google for shutting down one of the greatest social media platforms ever hell with anyone that says otherwise, you will never change my mind, so don't waste your breath

      edit: no, this isn't an april fool's prank, G+ is really ending today...i just wish it was a joke