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    • I want to share my impressions switching from Mazda Miata Mazdaspeed '04 to Porsche Cayman S '06. I bought the Miata five years ago after a thorough research. My criteria were: a light car with great handling, reliable, inexpensive to maintain, and track ready. When I saw the red Mazdaspeed version and test drove, I knew that was the car for me.

    • It had 4 cylinder 1.8L turbo charged engine producing 186hp, 6 speed manual transmission, Bilstein shocks, limited slip differential and other performance enhancing feature making it ready for the track.

    • I've been to 14 track days in the Miata and got to know this car well. It is well balanced and allows to carry a lot of speed into the corner. I loved its short throw shifter and the feel of the turbo coming alive at 4500 rpm.

    • In the last couple of years my family grew, I started an MBA program and had few chances to take it to the track. As a daily driver it was fine but I started noticing not a very comfortable ride and the lack of safety features such as side air bags. But most importantly I felt that I outgrew the car and was seeking something faster, more comfortable, and having more safety features. And here comes Porsche Cayman S '06

    • I love the sound of the 6 cylinder boxer engine, the throttle response, the balance of the mid-engine car and roomy interior. It has 295hp and is fun to drive in the sport mode and traction control off. I feel confidence when driving it; it has lots of grip with wider rear tires. Both cars are driver's cars. I will miss Miata but Porsche is a rewarding successor. Bye Miata! Hello Cayman!

    • Not even in the same class as what you shared but on a remote parallel, when I went from driving many Subaru's over the years and then went to a Volvo, the whole experience was a major conversion. So, in simplest terms, european imports seem to generally take things up about 3 levels. Your Porsche looks amazing.

    • Without a doubt this is a huge upgrade in performance. How would you compare the Cayman's interior vs Miata's? Do you have any pics of it?

    • and roomy interior

      Having once owned a Cayman S, this made me laugh! 😆 I guess it's relative, especially when coming from a Miata.

      Congrats on the new car! You made a great choice. The driving experience is like no other. It handles so well that it feels like an extension of your own body. The car just does exactly what you tell it to do. Almost like a video game.

      With that said, please still drive safe!

      📷 from 2009 of the 2008 Cayman S I once owned. Notice the clear side markers. It's a cheap upgrade that I recommend you do.