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    • I know specific design choices were made for specific reasons but it would be great to have some options for customization.

      For me the biggest gripe has been that I can't reduce the image size when scrolling through the feed. What ends up happening is posts that lack an image get lost in the feed sometimes among the posts that do have images. The other less important reason is I don't want people at work seeing that I'm scrolling through Cake as images of the Dakar Rally pop up on my screen (not that I'd ever do that).

      I know it's a preference thing but it would be great if we could choose how we want images to show up in our feed.

    • This is something we've actually been wanting for a long time too! We've discussed this "compressed" view of the feed a number of times over the years. This feature will become increasingly important as the volume of new conversations increases. It just hasn't been prioritized over all of the other things we needed to get done. But it might change soon 😉.

    • I would second the need for a way to prevent Cake from becoming a visual arms race like on Twitter. I think the existing design here is clean and easy to read so I don’t feel like it’s currently an issue, but I could certainly see it becoming one in the future.