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    • And, here's the finished product from today's effort. Unfortunately for Chris, I went for a lighter crumb this time and made them only 70% whole wheat, so he'd consider them poisonous. Once I figured out the sourdough technique, I pretty much stopped making bread with commercial yeast. It takes more time but the process is pretty forgiving and you can work around your schedule without much difficulty.

      It's interesting what giberti said about Bay Area yeast surviving elsewhere. I've wondered about that since I've given my starter to friends in Salt Lake City and Albuquerque and I don't think either survived. Although, they may not have been careful enough about feeding it since I've had local people kill their samples as well. Which is a shame since supposedly this starter has a long provenance. But that's another story.......

    • I'm in Manhattan for the Tribeca Film Festival and it seems to me there is amazing whole grain bread like every six blocks.

    • Getting started on sour dough bread making is on my 'to do' list. Here in Oz, it's definitely a thing and there have always been small places that create 'proper' bread.
      The attainment of good rise and even air distribution is part of the challenge.