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    • Hands down my favorite project is, working on Basically the people over there have created a platform that is currently teaching thousands of underprivileged children around the world how to read. It’s a lot of fun working on the content. As I said earlier, I did the character designs, and visual development of the world they live in. I also illustrated a lot of the books that are currently being used in schools around the world, as well as directing many of the videos being used. I really enjoy making children’s educational content!

      I also really enjoy the cartoons I get to make over at the Dr. OZ Show from time to time. This past season I made an animation that stars a talking waffle and pancake! Some other projects that I am really liking are my personal side projects. Last year I made a Youtube channel called “Channel of Gods”, the channel is still up, I’m currently plotting a new direction that I want to take the channel in. Also this summer I have two personal projects brewing, that I carve some hours out of the week to work on.