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    • Yes, just like graphic design, motion graphics is everywhere! People encounter it when watching pretty much any kind of video content: From a sporting event to commercials to the latest vlogger that you just watch. It’s everywhere, and the viewer only really notices it when they encounter a bad design.

      Every project always starts with a meeting, the client tells me what the animation is airing in and what info they want to convey. Then I get to work, the first thing I do is I go to the client’s website to understand the brand image. Sometimes the client sends me brand guidelines to understand what “no-no’s” to avoid. After I do some research I get designing, sometimes I storyboard, other times I just make a mock-up of the animation. There’s a very funny idea that has been around for a while: “The client always wants their logo bigger”. There is some truth to that, but I’ve also had clients that are fine with the original size that I make the logo. So anyway, we then have a meeting and they tell me what they want changed. Sometimes it’s a quick project and I complete it after only the second version, other times I’ve gone up to a version 10 or 11 and higher.