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    • Some years ago I sat down and made some life goals for myself. One was to one day get a full time job as a designer, meaning a job where I don’t video edit anymore. I’ve achieved that goal a couple years back. Another was to simply make a living off the design work that I do, I’ve also done that. There are two big goals that I still would like to achieve, this goes back to my 2 current side projects. One goal was to direct a feature film or show. The other was to write a book. The way I’m tackling the first goal is to get back into directing narrative content. I’m currently in pre-production for an animated short... you know, you need to take one step at a time. The other side project is a horror anthology graphic novel, in the same vein as Junji Ito’s work. I’m a HUGE fan of his. I’ve currently written 3 scripts for it. I want to write 2 more before I start drawing. Also doing Visual Development Art or Concept art for a video game company or film studio sounds like fun. I often think about it when I browse ArtStation and CG Society!