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    • I missed out on a lot of great Nintendo games since I never owned a SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii or Wii U. I want to go back and be able to play some of the classics that came out on those systems. Such as Secret of Mana, Star Fox, Mario RPG's, among many others. What are other games on those systems that I should play? What are some video games that you didn't play and want to try?

    • I relay on emulators and roms for all my classic gaming needs! But just a short list of snes games is as follows.

      Final fantasy 2-3

      Breath of fire 1-2

      Chrono trigger


      Ogre battle

      Just to name a few... I could be bias but I believe snes had the clear cut best rpgs out of any gaming system to date.

    • Any Legend of Zelda, but especially Occaraina of Time and Majoras Mask for N64.

      Metroid for game cube, also a funy party game for that is monkey ball.

      Snes I can’t recommend Final Fantasy 3 enough, same with Breath of Fire 2. Sim City was also pretty fun.

    • Defnitely agree about Zelda games. Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super Nintendo is one of my favorite games ever and arguably the best in the series (although Breath of the Wild was incredible).

      Also I think Wii Sports is one of the most fun multiplayer games I’ve played.

    • I just built a RetroPie gaming system and have been focusing on MAME games. Here are my favorites so far.

      Donkey Kong
      Lode Runner
      Missile Command

      I have over 5000 games loaded, from:
      Sega 32X
      Sega Master System
      Super Nintendo
      Atari 2600
      Atari 7800
      Game Gear
      MAME games.

      There are probably 4700 I've never heard of. I'm going to try a few from this conversation.

      I'm debating whether to build a cabinet and put in real arcade buttons, joysticks, trackballs, etc. Trying to see how much I actually play it first.