I started another conversation on this a couple months back and here is the follow up: North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr has turned over his cell phone to the FBI and stepped down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee as an investigation into his decision to dump $1.7M in stocks before the coronavirus outbreak. Burr has also tried to take down California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein with him, saying she did a similar thing. Feinstein’s lawyer claims that the transactions in question were made by her spouse and that she’s had her assets in a blind trust since entering the Senate in 1992. So, it is possible that Burr is just venting and expressing frustration for his idiocy. 

I’m pretty surprised a senator would do something like this. Not because I think senators are all virtuous people, but because of the risk of getting caught. Did he really think he would get away with this? I would be curious to understand the thought process here.