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    • This is great data. I have a stop n go, but have never had to use it (knock wood), but I always worried if it would "do the deal". Going to grab some sticky rope and tools for summer riding!

    • +1 for the rope style ones we recently fixed a 12mm(1/2") cut in a tyre with 3 ropes, we put 2 in and held them in position with 2 leatherman pliers then pushed 1 in between the first two.
      It got the rider a further 700KM before it failed, fortunatly it was close to a tyre repair shop and they fitted an internal patch to get my mate home.

    • I've a home made kit that includes 3 different kinds of plugs (rope, bullet, and BMW style), goop, plug tools, CO2 cartridges, AND a pump. Different plugs work well on different size holes. It annoyed me no end the time I had to make a little hole much bigger to fit the BMW style without tearing the plug.

      If you use something that requires goop be sure to check it on a regular basis. I once was lucky enough to find that 1/2 of the three tubes I had on the bike hadn't hardened. Two of the three had never even been opened.