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    • One user alluded to being able to follow/notified when a user they like posts, something that may be in the works?
      What about the opposite?
      Some hints of spam in a few posts, a taste then redirect to their site, or just not really digging the vibe and self promotion. Will we be able to hide or mute certain users to make the experience easier to manage. On other forums I place those folks on ignore and if on a conversation that I might want to verify my choice I can unmute so to speak and checkin. However the front page becomes more tailored and user friendly.

    • You can ignore or mute any user on Cake using the dropdown menu next to a post.

      When you mute someone they won't be able to post in conversations you start, but you'll still see their conversations and posts elsewhere on the site.

      When you ignore someone you won't see their conversations in feeds, and their posts in other conversations will be collapsed by default so you won't see the content of the post unless you choose to expand it.

      If you want to, you can both ignore and mute someone, which would combine both effects.

    • Nope, ignoring and muting are separate things.

      Our thinking was that this way you have more control over what happens. There’s no way for someone to know if you’ve ignored them, but if you mute them, they’ll be able to tell when they try to post in one of your conversations. So you may want to be selective.