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    • So this evening we went for a swim at Beatty Park after the water polo team was done with the deep pool. Rob in his mersona as Nyola is sporting his flash new Orca tail and I'm flicking around with my blue hair and Aurora Borealias tail, and we're the only ones in the pool for a while. We have a fairly lengthy session enthusiastically chasing dive sticks underwater as we've been on holiday down South in the cold for a week or so, with no good opportunity to swim.

      A burly chap - obviously a regular swimmer, does his laps, gets out of the pool and then gets our attention.

      "I'm very concerned about mermaids and mermen swimming at the pool, with the extended amount of time you're spending under water."

      We smile and listen politely, treading water. I start mentally composing comebacks about our experience in the matter, the courses we've done, never swimming alone, the usual rebuttals. He continues:

      "I'm concerned about the safety and health aspect of it. I've spoken to the pool manager about it. This pool water can't be healthy for you, so I've raised a complaint to get them to turn in to a salt water pool, that would be much more healthy for you. It's a serious health issue, so I've spoken to them about it and let's see what happens"

      We thanked him profusely and said we'd look out for him in the ocean, and tell the Great Whites to leave him alone, but not to trust them, just in case. I think he said "that's why we paint our noses white" but I'm not sure.

      Anyway that was a nice thing to happen and I thought I'd share it.
      #merswimming #mermaid #merman #monofin