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    • Vilen

      Welcome to Cake @johnguestjr!

      I'm also a photographer although mostly an occasional weekend warrior now. I used to do a lot of my own printing, but have since transitioned mostly to printing at labs such as Bayphoto.

      What specific aspect of printing are you most interested in? Printers, inks, paper or the workflow 😉

    • Moose408

      I print all my own photos unless they are really large. I use an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and tend to use Hamhnemuhle paper.

    • se

      That's a very nice printer... I had that on my desk for a few years.. got some nice prints, but as an amateur photog it just did not get enough use and took up too much desk space - finally it was donated to the local thrift store :) YMMV..

    • francescogola

      I am! I love to print my pictures! I have a Canon Pixma Pro 1 and my favorite paper is the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth

    • johnguestjr

      I'm interested in it all. I am recently completing a college course on Darkroom Photography techniques. So I have been seeking the experience in the digital world. I want to bang the drum to liberate bits from our hard drives. I fear that after I'm gone there would not be a physical representation, the print. Paper will last over time technology will evolve like the ZIP disk.

    • johnguestjr

      Hahnemuhle makes great papers. I'm enjoying the FineArt Sampler and Harman by Hahnemuhle brands

    • ronmart

      Good to see people who enjoy printing here! Cheers!

      Here's a too tight crop (to hide crap in my studio) of my two newest Canon printers in my studio...

    • jharrisonphoto

      Great to see other photogs that like printing! I have a love/hate relationship with printing but agree the finished print in your hand is the ultimate satisfaction! Just add the bigger the better and I am set! I have a 44" wide Canon IPF-8400 which allows me to create some nice sized prints!

    • johnguestjr

      Now I have something to aspire to. I don't know if I could afford the upkeep for such a printer. I'm going to have to sell a lot of 13x19 prints to get something that nice. Thanks for sharing!

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