Episode 2 of THE ROOK aired on July 7 on STARZ and I'm finally getting around to writing my discussion / recap! In case you missed it, here's the previous installment focused on the premier episode of the show.

The synopsis of episode 2 via the official site:

While Myfanwy revisits the crime in search of her past, Monica discovers a dark truth about one of the victims - her lover and fellow agent. One of Myfanwy's dead attackers disappears from the morgue.

In case you need a primer or refresher on the characters, here's a great one I found:

First things first: this is an episode where you're seeing considerable diversion from the original book.

"The Vultures" are a threat introduced in this episode that keep getting mentioned throughout. As per TV Guide, they are defined as:

Vulture: "A Vulture is a human trafficker who traffics in the illicit buying and selling of human beings with Extreme Variant Abilities," Lisa Zwerling said. "There's a Vulture network of black market traders and kidnappers of EVAs." EVAs are bought and sold for millions and millions of pounds (or dollars, or whatever currency), so these aren't your average street thugs. "They're people who you might imagine trading nuclear weapons on the black market," Zwerling said. "They look fancy, they're educated, they're very, very smart and wily, and they way that they run that they run their business is crafty, and an interesting part of our show, because you get to see how they do it."

So it appears that the existential threat in this version of THE ROOK is unfortunately no longer the bizarre and unexpected ancient group of Belgians known as "The Grafters" and is rather these "Vultures."

Another name associated with the Vultures seems to be "The Lugat" which seems to be an underground crime organization. In this episode 2, both Conrad Grantchester and Myfanwy Thomas are following up on Lugat leads to try to get to the bottom of what transpired on the bridge in the first episode. It's mentioned that Lugat owns Mansel Bank - the bank that Myfanwy visited in the first episode.

Another variance between the book and the show is that this episode begins with Linda Farrier telling Myfanwy her superpowers and trying to help her make sense of her dissociative amnesia (in the book, Myfanwy is thrown into this "fake it 'til you make it" scenario of trying to piece together her past life and career through notes and planners left by her previous identity - WITHOUT telling anyone, let alone her boss).

We're also given a bit of Myfanwy's backstory in this episode, showing a flashback of her as a highschooler or college student throwing an outside party: when her parents unexpectedly return earlier than anticipated, Myfanwy takes a fall from her garage roof. Unconscious, she inadvertently harms or perhaps even kills her father thanks to a parasympathetic lashing out defense from her powers.

(In the book, the various agents of the Chequy are brought into the fold at young ages, drafted by the government to an exclusive training and boarding school - something you're not really seeing in the show).

Olivia Munn's character Monica Reed visits the apartment of someone named Marcus who was found at the crime scene (the dark secret mentioned in the official synopsis) - and sees Gestalt there too. They're searching for clues in this apartment covered with plastic tarps and tape, and Monica finds a USB drive hidden in the U-bend of a sink before Gestalt does. What could it possibly contain?!

Speaking of Gestalt - we get to see them interact with Myfanwy in various unusual ways throughout the episode. One Gestalt member offers Myfanwy a ride back to her apartment after she'd had a few too many martinis at a bar... and then we see another scene in the episode where the female member of Gestalt is kissing someone while another member of the quartet hacks the romantic would-be rendezvous' phone through a wall. Curious to see their motivations in next week's episode...