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    • OOOH, good question! Check our website for upcoming opportunities - I travel the world, I just got back from India, where I was doing a photoshoot - in collaboration with an organization, photographing people who have undiagnosed conditions. Because when you have a diagnoses, you have a network of community, of specialists, but when you’re undiagnosed, you’re alone. And I’m going to Germany on Tuesday, to speak at a German dermatology conference. And then tomorrow I go to Minneapolis, to photograph - they just built a new dermatology clinic at the University of Minnesota Masonic Childrens Hospital, so I’m going to photograph a bunch of kids who use the clinic, and they’ll be a permanent installation there! We don’t really solicit anyone - people can always contact me with ideas, or if they want me to speak at their advocacy group, and my answer is always “yes.” We try to not do one photograph at a time, but if there’s an individual who’s working on an advocacy program, we try to collaborate there, as opposed to having photographs taken. It has to have legs, to grow, to help change the way the world sees difference. Our calendar is up on our website at all times, we’re always updating the calendar - after I go to Germany, I’m going to Portland for a conference called ANCOR, for people with intellectual disabilities, and then I come back, and then I go to Australia and New Zealand!  It's so much fun.