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    • Sure! Well, I was an architect major at school in Philadelphia. My colleagues, my peers would have beautiful models with staircases and windows, and I’d have crummy pieces of paper, I was terrible at it! But I started photographing staircases, lighting, windows, building, and building these 3-D models, and fell in love with photography, moved to New York, and went to the School of Visual Arts! And when I finished my studies in filmmaking and photography, I started my own studio right away, and moved into fashion photography right away. I was a fashion photographer for my entire career as a commercial photography. I also lived in Milan and Paris for many years: I worked for the house of Yves Saint Laurent, a portrait I did with him is in all of his boutiques worldwide. I had great clients, like Revlon, and I was photographing these beautiful models like Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford, and someone was always there telling me who was beautiful. And that was frustrating to me, because I see beauty absolutely everywhere in the world. So that’s how it started: creating an opportunity to see beauty where it exists, in technicolor. And it’s extraordinary.