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    • Oooh, good question! Well, one thing is we have a program on our website called “The Pearls Project” - as in pearls of wisdom. It’s an online blog platform for all of our ambassadors that we photograph to talk about life from their unique perspective. Sometimes they talk about their condition, but what they really talk about are movies, and books, and best friends, and music videos - creating opportunities to see beyond disease, beyond diagnoses, to the humanity that we share. Everything is free. You can go to that section of the site, request registration, and then you can interact with our ambassadors. It’s starting a dialogue about diversity, about difference, from the perspective of someone who experiences difference every day. And they’re using their passion to write, to photograph, to create music. It’s really great. There’s another program we’ve created called FRAME - which stands for “Faces Redefining the Art of Medical Education.” FRAME is an online web-based film library which each film talks about a certain genetic condition or syndrome or diagnoses, but it presents all the basic hallmark characteristics of the condition, but as presented by someone living with that condition or their families. And these films target medical students in training, like nursing students, genetic counseling students, etcetera. And it creates the opportunity to place - front row and center - in medical education HUMANITY. Making sure that med students understand from the get-go in their medical education that it’s never WHAT you’re treating, always WHO you’re treating. Nobody wants to be seen as a disease or diagnoses, but always first and foremost as a human being.