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    • Mm-hmm. I think we’ve made major strides, but we have a long way to go. But with these amazing models walking the runway with Down’s Syndrome, and there’s an amazing runway called Winnie Harlow, who has a condition called Vitiligo, when you lose pigmentation in your skin, and she’s becoming really famous - not because of her vitiligo, but because she’s beautiful. She’s changing how the world sees difference. But we have a long way to go. As consumers of the products that magazines are selling, I think we’re much more informed. We’re learning more that the model sat in front of hair and makeup for 6 hours, and then got retouched by one of the best photographers in the world - it’s a little unrealistic at times. As consumers, we’re more informed, better educated, and we’re going to start demanding diversity and representation in media, in film, on magazines, across the board, onstage. POSITIVE EXPOSURE exists, and partners with so many other organizations, all with a mission to see that happen. Because this is a human movement.