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    • I just found this, new to me at least, group from a link from a friend and I find them interesting.

      A little off putting at first, but they seem to grow more interesting as I watch them.

      A Dane, a German and a Norwegian - an interesting bit of history about them here -

      A translation of the lyrics of Krigsgaldr can be found here -

      A very powerful stage presentation - lots of skulls and heavy drum beats

      Some interesting pictures here -

    • I want to take a summer trip up around Norway and Copenhagen and I googled around and one thing I wanted to include in my iterary was some sort of heavy metal concert....My perception is those concerts suffer much less from a "kardashian complex" and it is more similar to the outdoor concerts I enjoyed in the 80's.

    • Thank you for responding - I was beginning to think no one found my post interesting. I could have stolen some images from the web that I think folks would find quite interesting but as a quasi-photograher I won't allow myself to use images that aren't mine or at least in the public domain. Go here for some -

      The videos of their concerts are quite compelling I find. Great rhythms for a weight room work out also.

      Heilung's "music" is very powerful, with heavy drum beats, and a very throaty rhtymic chanting like a Native American war dance or something - or a pagan ritual bordering on sacrifice. It is not heavy metal as much as neolithic chanting or sorcerism, or a band of brothers preparing for battle.

      After listening for a while I decided the throat singing almost sounds like someone who has had laryngectomy, or maybe a tracheotomy, and uses a microphone to amplify the voice. The fact that they wear masks to cover their faces may increase the effect as well.

      The northern Europeans, the forefathers of the Vikings, and the Visigoths, were quite feared in their day, and these performances seem to hark back to those days - or maybe I am just imagining all this. A stage filled with half naked warriors with stone tipped spears and round leather shields must have some purpose to the performance.

      I would love to hear what other people think of their performances.

    • I loved all the elaborate costumes and "makeup" would definitely "feel" a concert like this. I just wondered what the afterparty would be like? hahahahah Sacrifice a pig over a spit? LOL The female vocalist was hot.

    • Yeah, BBQ a whole elk over a bed of coals, drink a whole lot of archaic beer of some sort, I suspect.

      The female vocalist has a FB page that is interesting and goes back 8 years or more. -

      One of the article said the makeup included human blood and human bones, so there you go...... Not sure where to draw the line here, but that might be way over the top for most folks - is this just staging and acting, or is this more primal than that? I'm asking, I don't know.

      Read the Krigsgaldr lyrics - I posted the link above. The band's spokesperson said the song is not a political statement, but read the lyrics, and see if you think that is bit disingenuous.

    • I've been listening to Heilung all day today as I work due to your recommendation.

      I actually really like the primal nature of their sound. The heavy drum beats is akin to some of the ambient electronic music I usually listen to.

      Normally I find music with lyrics distracting while I work, but I can't understand what they are saying so it doesn't bother me! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thanks for sharing.

    • It was strange when I first saw it, but I must confess I have really learned to like the sound a great deal - I am still curious about the meanings within the lyrics though.