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    • Spurred on by some discussions here, here's an experiment: each month I'll post about what excited me musically during the past month. No genre restrictions, just what I actually listened the most. Not necessarily new or music released during that month, but always whole albums. I aim to give you something more substantial than a 3 minute track.

      So, here we go: the top albums for the August.


      The Hold Steady - Thrashing thru the passion

      After a couple of so-so albums, they are back and in true form, again with the original keyboardist. As always, Craig Finn sure knows how to spin a tale.


      Martin Tingvall - The rocket

      Known from releases with Tingvall Trio (also worth checking out, great nordic jazz), this time around it's solo piano music. Easy, meditative, great for quiet evenings with a book.


      Bruce Springsteen - Western stars

      Got this without knowing it was to be backed by a movie, but it sounded like a movie soundtrack from the start. Bruce still has it.


      Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Servants of the sun

      Chris' voice still sounds as young and fresh as it did in the 90s. CRB leans heavier on the keyboards than The Black Crowes, but the hippie vibe is still there.


      Oso Oso - Basking in the glow

      Decided to give it a try after a positive Pitchfork review. Fun, easy going, catchy.


      Tycho - Weather

      Nice, flowing downtempo electronic music.

      Bluetech - Sci-Fi Lullabies

      Bedroom space electronics FTW! Picked up the album purely for the song titles which reference famous SF books. Did not disappoint.

      So, what did you have on repeat lately?

    • I went to bed last night listening to Martin Tingvall as I read, loving it and wondering who he was. The video you linked only has 2.2K views and two comments. I did a search for him and found this:

      Jpop, when you say got this album, what do you mean? Where are you getting the albums and how do you discover new ones?

      I was actually a fan of YT Music until they turned my account over to my old employer and now I'm having trouble getting them to stop charging me for it, so I'm experimenting with different music services.

      Great finds here. So glad I stumbled on this thread.

    • As far music discovery goes, it's not easy. My main source are RSS feeds. I set up a section in Feedly that monitors feeds from release groups (that is to say, pirate MP3s), because that gives the cross-section of everything new that comes out. On a typical day, I'll scan through a couple hundred new releases. Obviously, I can't listen to all, of even most of them, so I just pick those that I either know of already (like Martin Tingvall), or they sound like they might be interesting. For example: today an album showed up by the band called Sure Fire Soul Ensemble. Ok, I'll give that a try. I usually pick up a couple of new albums daily. Most of them turn out to be duds. Some of them I'll mentally file into a certain genre to come back to when the mood strikes, but once in a while one of them will click immediately, and that one goes into heavy rotation.

      I also keep track of album reviews on Pitchfork for mainstream and Resident Advisor for electronic music.

      I do my listening mostly on Google Play Music (which I hear will soon be sunsetted and moved into YouTube music), and what's not on there in my personal collection streamed over Plex.

    • The only albums I've listened to repeatedly recently are Luciferian Towers and Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada, both by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. And that's mostly because I saw them for the 5th time a couple weeks ago and hadn't gotten around to picking those up until the show. I will see them every chance I get - their live shows are amazing from start to finish.

      Since I'm on mobile links don't work well, but I recommend Anthem For No State and Blaise Bailey Finnegan III. Both are on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp.

    • Thanks, Chris. I had planned to go back and edit that when I could do it on desktop, but never got around to it.
      If you liked either of those, you should check out the rest of their discography - you really can't go wrong with any of it.

    • Nice shares! I really like the Blackout Sam and Martin Tingvall. Also, I've bounced off Godspeed a few times but I really liked that track, so will have to give them a more serious listen.

      @Chris if you liked Tingvall, also check out these:

      And Chilly Gonzales, who is probably better known for his work with Daft Punk, Peaches, and Feist, but has 3 albums of solo piano.

      My latest listen is the new album by Patrick Watson - Wave. Not quite the powerhouse that Closer to Paradise and Adventures in Your Own Backyard were, but quite beautiful, poignant, and the trademark arrangements are still there, if simpler.