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    • You spend one-third of your life working. You got to love your job to live a good life. Maybe you hate your job or have got bored of it. Here's how to love your job.

    • Great infographic! I recently read a relevant book by Cal Newport called So Good They Can't Ignore You that talks about how to make your career as satisfying, interesting, and fulfilling as possible. Definitely worth a read -- he has some controversial but very convincing points. The main thesis of the book is that "follow your passion" is bad advice, and not just for financial reasons. He found that people who drop everything to follow what they believe is their passion usually end up less happy.

      So Good They Can't Ignore You:

    • Huh, I had never heard of Cal Newport but I have been casting about for a good read. Nice find.

      He gave a TEDx talk recently that already has 4.6 million views: Why you should quit social media.

      He says he's a unicorn because he's a millennial standing on a TED stage who has never had a social media account. Also, professor of computer science at Georgetown.