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    • On a side of the trail a bumble bee was on a mission to harvest every single flower from this little patch. 

    • The man made dam at Marlette Lake was built by the miners to supply water and funnel it down to Virginia City.

    • Just after the dam at the south end of Flume trail there is a small creek waterfall with a wooden bridge across it.

    • Flume Trail is a 4.5 mile almost flat single track. It was used by miners to carry water and still has remnants of exposed pipes running along it.

    • The old tree trunk makes a wonderful prop against blue waters of Sand Harbor below.

    • A quick lunch break with a trail bar... Even the most epic views sometimes can't compete with a screen.

    • One of the short sections of the trail is very skinny and sandy with a steep cliff drop. There is a sign reminding bikers to walk the bike instead of riding.

    • At the northern end of the Flume Trail there are views of private beaches of Incline Village.

    • Giant trees take over and swallow the views of the lake and Flume Trail merges with the Tunnel Creek Trail (fire road).

    • At mile 12-13 the views of the Lake Tahoe open up and give lots of opportunities for panoramic shots.

    • Tunnel Creek trail is sandy and exposed. On a hot day it is challenging to climb it to Flume trail.

    • There is a famous “Monkey Rock” just off the trail that is worth a quick detour just for views like this.

    • We’re saying goodbye to this amazing hike and look forward to come back again soon.

    • I had plans to spend the 4th of July at Lake Tahoe....bringing my jetski and kayak....but, the real purpose was to shoot the fabulous fireworks over South Lake Tahoe....It looks like the vistas you shared are on the east side of LT and the fireworks seem to be so huge that shooting from up above could be really epic.

      Didn't you post previously about a completely gnarly trail run you did with some of your compadres through here?

      Loved the wildflowers...great shots overall!