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    • I thought I could show up in my Hoka or Altra high-tech running shoes and be cool enough. They help shave seconds off your half marathon times.

      Not even. You think Kanye designed his cream white Yeezy Boosts for you to be wearing lame-ass kicks?

    • Yeezy Boosts are hard to find. When Kanye debuted the latest model on stage, they sold out nationwide before his performance was over, they say. Yeezy Boosts seemed to be the most popular shoe at the show. They come in various colors but blacks seemed to fetch the highest price. Good thing I didn't see any 13s at that price (my size). I thought my Hokas were expensive at $130.

    • When Kanye performed in his Creams he knew how to really set them off with dark contrasting clothes, smoke, and good light on the shoes.

    • Didn't come with the cash? Pharrell Williams has got you. $160. Best deal in the show, far as I could tell.

    • Feeling the need to go a step upscale from the Yeezy Boosts you're seeing on a lot of feet? Get these AssAssinKicks for $950.

    • There are guys like this all around the show who will check for fakes. They're hilarious and can tell at a glance. "It's the stichin', man. That shit ain't real!"

      Help me out here, is there a trend in hangover man purse satchel bags? I saw a lot of them at the show.

    • Speaking of Air Jordans, there were lots of guys walking around the show carrying boxes with cool shoes for sale or trade.

    • Speaking of used, but not exactly: this is John. Not sure if he's a future billionaire or president, but he seemed well on his way to becoming a coveted shoe (that's a thing) tycoon. He told me all about the history of this limited edition gold Nike. 8 of them were given to selected people at a 9ers game and John was hawking this size 15 pair. John has a gift for sales, for sure.

    • The YouTubers were out in force covering the show. This guy was admiring his fresh pair of Nike Air VaporMax Flyknits for the camera.

    • Mmmmm, let's just take a sec to admire them in white in all their glorious detail. I was so tempted to buy blacks, same as 👆.

    • Besides star YouTubers, there were artists who are famous among sneakerheads. This is Freehand Profit, who builds masks and sculptures from coveted shoes, the material he loves. There was a lot of demand to get a pic with him.

      He's in the center of this pic. That's one of his creations in the background, right.

    • Also in blue. I asked a guy from Dipped, what are the masks for? "Music videos, parties, Halloween—anything, really."