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    • When we lived in Malaysia on an island every month we would do a fuel run to the port town of Merseng to buy the fuel for our generators and fuel for our dive and transport boats.

      We would leave early on a big fishing boat with 50 empty , 44 gallon drums on board, when we got to Merseng and while the boat crew were filling the fuel drums we would go into town and the first stop was alway at a tiny restaurant where they made the best fresh Rotti Chenai.

      The curry sauce was the best I ever found in Malaysia and the rotti were made fresh in front of you.

      Still my favourite breakfast.

    • Ah yes, roti canai. Possibly the only food I like more than nasi lemak for breakfast. Sometimes, I have BOTH nasi lemak and roti canai for breakfast.

      In fact, I just did that yesterday.