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    • Hi Louis,

      No one's perfect and neither was Steve. Many employees who had rare occasions to be around him were usually terrified. It really wasn’t justified, but they would be anyway. Steve could feel this which made the interactions with them even worse sometimes.

      As for documented interactions with people I worked with on events, it was usually something that should have been accounted for, or they didn't do what they were supposed to. At that point things could get heated for a moment. But those situations inhibited the goal of the show which was the real issue. If you took it personally you didn't survive. If you learned your lesson, corrected the problem and never did it again you lived to work another day. 🙂

    • You’re going to have to read the book to get the full answer! I can let you know, though, we had very little time to “take over” that production. The scale of the staging was not planned to be so dramatic. Steve had some interesting comments when we first saw the preview onsite. But as you noticed, that’s what we went with. 😬

    • I can’t really say much about Phil (yes, that is a legal requirement) but suffice to say Phil had his place in all of these events. But it’s not exactly as you might perceive.

    • I’d agree 100% with your assessment, Chris. I’d add that those that work best with Steve were those that knew how to get close to the fire to stay warm or even slightly singed but were never totally burned by it. 😁