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    • Riding in the rain for means being cold and wet to the bone. I desperately want to go out and ride but after a week of intermittent rain I'm ready for a new jacket. I can't stand a thought of been stuck under a bridge, waiting for the rain to stop instead of riding through it. So, I just leave my bike at home and take the car instead. While researching a new waterproof jacket, I've stumbled upon this video comparing Gore-Tex to other competing materials:

      In it the REV'IT Gore-Tex comes out slightly on top in terms of waterproofing, giving in at 30psi of water pressure while the Dainese D-Dry protects only up to 25psi. However, on vapor dissipation (breathability) Dainese comes up on top. Outside of these test I only have marketing materials to rely upon, which all claim that their materials are the best.

      So I'm looking for feedback from actual riders who have tried these jackets.

      Which material would you recommend for a waterproof jacket that is comfortable enough for daily commutes and occasional half-day trips?

    • I know nothing about riding requirements, but if you can have the option of getting a heated jacket I’d say go for it. I have one from Kobalt that I’ve used on above freezing temperature hikes and it helps out a lot: on the lowest setting it can heat for up to seven hours.

    • Great topic. I own many riding garments each of which has their purpose , strengths and weaknesses. Anything from Aerostich Roadcrafter suits to Rukka Armaxion, Revvit and also perforated summer gear. I'll watch the video and provide more comments!

    • I've just replaced my riding gear and went with the Klim Badlands jacket and pants.

      The lack of breathability now makes sense. Thanks for sharing.

    • I have gore-tex jacket and pants (Klim) that are over 5 years old and still keep out the water. Last year, I ended up riding all day in heavy wind and rain and stayed dry all day, except for my feet. My boots are made with drytex and which worked fine for the first couple of years but have failed miserably since. I'll stick with gore-tex until another product is proven just as durable.