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    • Apr 10, 2019 at 7:19 PM PST is when froze.

      First the "like" feature was re alerting that posts where liked that had already been viewed. It would refresh as thought you had not been clicked on it.

      You could start a comment and it would "autosave" but trying to post it would give server error.

      I hope it is not catastrophic, and is easily solved.

      Any word on status or cause would be appreciated.

    • Hey EON - we had to reboot the server to install a patch for a memory leak. Ideally we would have waited until the early morning but we were concerned about some side affects of the memory usage so we just hit the reboot. Site was down for less then 30 seconds but it did disrupt some actions on the site, sorry about that!

    • Thanks for the response. it was actually down for a few hours. everything looked fine and you could message but nobody was able to post any comments.

      I really wish this venue had dark theme.

    • I experienced the downtime, too. Just decided to try to post again in the morning—that worked out fine,

    • I noticed it too and even reported the glitch, was trying to post in a specific thread, but only likes worked, and go figure I had no issues in other threads. Was weird... but I survived. For a moment there I wondered if I might have said something inappropriate to hurt some sensible soul, hahahaa... Gave it a rest and it worked fine in the morning. Now since Cake is taking off I have my hands full of social media like no other time..

    • Now since Cake is taking off I have my hands full of social media like no other time..

      I feel you there. It's pretty great though, I feel more engaged in real conversations and less guilty about the time I spend on these sites as opposed to Instagram which I enjoy but feels like it could go on endlessly with no purpose.