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    • I think we need more vegan and organic restaurants giving affordable, good food options in America, and there's no need for them to be able to send any of that leftover good food that can't be fed to people to a landfill. More importantly, there's a growing understanding that if we're going to grow plants sustainably without using synthetic fertilizers that the only option is by using animal manures. However a lot of animal manures like chicken litter that is made available to organic farmers is coming from conventional confined livestock operations, where there is no regulation on the amount of chemicals put into those manures by way of what is being fed to those animals. At GrubTubs, we pride ourselves in working with smaller farmers who are sometimes part of a neighborhood, and cannot run a confined animal operation. Therefore these animals have a tendency to be healthier, more sustainable, and their manures are not contaminated with antibiotics and arsenic. So we feel that by supporting local farmers, where they can actually grow good food at a good price point, they will also take better care of their animals. I've never met a farmer that wishes to be cruel to their animals, but I have witnessed an industry that has pushed farmers so desperately to turn a blind eye to horrible conditions just so they can feed their families. Happy farmer, happy animals, happy fertilizer, happy food. They are all pieces in a food chain.