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    • Ever since we stopped being hunter gatherers, as a society, we have come to depend on the backs of farmers.

      Many times, farmers have been exploited so we could build pyramids, finance armies, and conquer the world.

      Yet the inequality and the hardship that farmers face every day does not give justice to the fact that they hold our health in their hands.

      As I have spoken with farmers, who are very proud to BE farmers, many times only after a few drinks did I get to understand how farmers are struggling in this country. It was out of that desire to do something for farmers that I realized that we might be able to save the rainforest. Because current agricultural practices want to keep our farmers uninformed, assuming larger amounts of debt, and work their entire life for very little reward - because if this farmer doesn't grow it, we'll find a poorer farmer in a poorer country to do the entire thing. So if you want to not rely on cheap food that cuts down the rainforest, we need to first and foremost help the farmers in our own country.

      So are we a nation that exploits our farmers, or can we be a society that puts good food at the center of our success, of our health, of our progress? The only way to do that when facing agricultural giants like Monsanto or Dow is to create an entirely new set of agriculture. Good agriculture that taps into one of our greatest untapped resources - waste.

      By not growing proteins, but recovering proteins, and preventing them from going to waste, there's a new wild west in agriculture waiting to be explored. Yet it has to take place at the doorsteps of our cities, and we cannot transport waste all the way to the Amazon to bring good food back. It has to happen at home.

      And that's why I got the bug!