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    • There's a bigger picture here. As I came up with the idea for GrubTubs, I realized that if we found a way to solve and repurpose food on a large scale, that then automatically the rest of the stuff we throw away would become SO much easier to recycle. So you have to find a food waste solution that can take all types of food waste. And the thing is, nature had already figured that out, over millions of years, using millions of grubs and insects to eat anything within 24 hours.

      And why feed animals? I 100% endorse that if our food can fed to other people, that should be our primary goal. But not everything that is food waste can be put on a plate. Or should be put on a plate. However, it's PERFECTLY fine for animals.

      A good saying here? "If it grows, it goes." Our biggest obstacle is to ask people to not put plastic waste or forks in there. However, we've overcome a lot of that.

      If the trash doesn't have food waste in it, it becomes so much easier to recycle the plastics and other items in the garbage.

      Some of the crazy things we've gotten are layers and layers of wheatgrass from juice bars, pure tubs full of coffee grounds from Starbucks (which grubs go CRAZY for), an entire tub full of meat trimmings from a Texas BBQ place. All of these things absolutely shouldn't be going in landfills. We get fish waste from a grocery store or restaurant that's preparing fish, heads, tails, everything. Not everything is eaten within 24 hours by the grubs, but they decompose within our insect feedlots pretty quickly.