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    • So I grew up in a small town with 3,000 people - fifteen boys my age - and 20,000 pigs. Handzame. It means "hands together." And I wanted to get out of there and see the world, so an opportunity presented to me to study in the United States on merit scholarship, and I took it. I haven't really been back to Belgium since, but in the meantime, I've lived in the most amazing places like Hawaii. I've been able to look through the world for environmental solutions. My favorite was being able to work with the USDA in Hawaii for six years, trying to tackle island sustainability and resistance. This was before GrubTubs was incorporated, and mostly to do with the fact that Islands have tremendously high feed costs versus the mainlands, because everything has to be brought by ship. And they have tremendous waste costs, because there are limited places to put stinky stuff. But I was called back to Austin, because they were doing something completely radical - a progressive policy agenda that wanted to go zero waste very quickly, including an aggressive stance against food waste. And it was because of that that I was able to switch back to Texas, with the idea of providing a food waste solution for about 6,000 restaurants here in Austin, and that was something I couldn't get in Hawaii. And it's when you see progressive policy take a stance that technology can be groomed in order to create the necessary progress that we seek. And that's why I'm now in Austin, because the political climate was created in order for a startup like mine to thrive. Startups need help.