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    • The pandemic has resulted in the cancellation or partial cancellation of many major sporting events. In some cases organizations have come up with new and exciting ways to continue competitions but in a new way. Supercross for example completed their motorcycle race season with races twice a week in the same city and stadium but with different track layouts. NHL has decided to have a series of tournaments. Sport is looking for new ways to entertain the viewing customers in ways that'll please them but in different formats. It seems to me that the conditions created by covid are actually stimulating new ideas and ways of doing things that could end up with more interesting outcomes than what we had earlier. I'm hoping cycling grand tour races come up with some new and interesting formats as the old one is often boring.

      What ways have you seem that appear to hold the potential to make a sport more interesting? How has ESPN changed?

    • one thing I'd noticed talking to people sports personalities aren't held in anywhere near the high regard as they used to be, so that could have a certain effect

    • I know the NBA's commissioner Adam Silver has been wanting to do some sort of neutral site tournament for a while. The pandemic has given him a chance to see his dream become a reality. We might see more creative tournaments and what not as a result of this pandemic even after things get back to normal, whenever that will be.

    • i think the changes in sports will be long lasting, beyond the pandemic. I believe that the NHL has done a good job embracing the bubble idea and including the fan experience. They have converted hockey arenas into TV scenic sets and make it supportive not just an afterthought. They have the announcers for the home team, they pipe in appropriate sounds into the arena so it sounds right on the tv brodcast. They respect and embrace the traditions such as throwing hats on the ice for a hat trick as well as having the Chicago fans cheering through the US National Anthem.

      They have kept it interesting for the home viewers. They covered the seats so it isn’t glaringly apparent that the arena is empty. I am a 40+ year hockey fan and I am very satisfied even happy with this solution.

      Then I watch the NBA and I think that I am watching a high school game because of a smaller gym and different camera angles. Plus the bad virtual fans.

      The reason I say it will take a while to recover is that watching at home will likey outstrip the cost and hassle of going to a game.

      I can see sports having less lixury arenas and stadiums and Having more TV studios to lower costs. But that is just an opinion and I think the NFL will be the decider.

      Now as to as to ESPN, they were showing an Eagles concert world premiere a Sunday before MLB restarted. I think there will be leas ESPN branded channels, sich as ESPNU.