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    • The Defender is the model I have. The main difference between Defender and Opti is the choice of power.

      They could arguably get with the program and put out a Li-Ion standard option. But clearly they're milking their existing lineup for what they're worth before putting in the dollars for a new product version. Li-Ion would be a very good proposition for the kind of energy draw their UV light requires.

      But in the meantime, whether the Defender is more appealing to you, or the Opti is depends largely on which power bandwagon you've jumped onto in the last 8 years. If you're the kind to have an arsenal of CR123-powered gear you might find the Opti to better fit your gear. Folks who've invested in Surefire flashlights, and a slick Nitecore charger, the Opti is a no-brainer. Alternatively, if you find the universatility of falling back on AA lithium disposables appealing, the Defender might suit you better, even if its array of rechargeable options are a bit dated. Speaking of rechargeable options...if someone can explain the bazillion CR123, 18650 format chemistries to me...