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    • Since posting about Potable Aqua's Electrolytic Purifier, and MSR's SE200, I've been futzing with my old MSR MiOx kit, casually at my desk. I'm finding surprisingly consistent results simply by using the updated protocol.-- pre-mixing the saline solution in a little container instead of relying on the salt chamber. I'm glad I didn't chuck the thing into the trash bin out of frustration years ago! If it continues to be reliable with my LiFePO cells, this just might become my go-to arrangement. My little chlorine dioxide factory...small, light, testable, nearly effortless, and scalable. I just need to plan for the disinfection time, which usually means that the whole group I'm hiking with drinks out of one or two bottles/bladders, while the other bottles/bladders are disinfecting the next batch of hydration.

      And yes, I did promptly dump my freshly made batch of disinfectant on my keyboard right after posting this shot.

    • For the last two years, I've been using the Aquamira Drops for ultralight backpacking. Drops and iodine tablets are extremely light, cheap, and take minimal effort to use. I love my ceramic MSR pump, but it's heavy, requires constantly cleaning on the trail and takes forever to pump gallons of water. I tried iodine tablets as a replacement, but I couldn't get over the chemical taste. Then I moved on to the Aquamira drops. For 2 ounces, they can filter hundreds of gallons of water. There is no noticeable taste. The drops, mixed together, form an active ingredient that treats water similar to how domestic tap water is treated.