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    • I suppose it's worth discussing here as much as anywhere. How does the Cake team think about internet ads?

      Who's doing it right? Too soon for cake to think about?

      Ads have really bloated the internet, to the point where many sites are too slow to load or there are too many ads to reasonably consume content (screenshot below). I think Instagram has done a nice job. Reddit introduced ads that don't suck too much either.

    • If you haven't already read the book Chaos Monkeys, I highly recommend it. Maybe you are so far ahead of me wrt knowledge of ads, it won't be anything new for you, dunno.

      From a personal point of view, one gripe is how ads follow me around for weeks for something I just bought. Or that I researched or linked to. Like I just linked you to Chaos Monkeys, so now I'll probably get ads for it.

      I thought Facebook and Instagram had done brilliant jobs of making the ads look like just another post, so in your stream of browsing, you get an ad that could even be interesting, and if not, it just takes a second to scroll past. Three times last month I actually bought stuff directly off the Facebook ad. Retro steampunk motorcycle goggles! Perfect for my vintage bike. But then they turned out to be cheap tacky construction, all three things I bought, so I've gone back to buying from Amazon so I can check the reviews.

      And even though I bought those things off Facebook, their ads keep injecting themselves in my feed relentlessly.

    • Thanks, bought the book.

      I really don't understand why it's been so difficult for companies to create the bucket of users who bought something so we aren't continuously targeted after we purchase. I've been targeted with ads for hotels i'm currently staying in just for having to sign in to the wifi through their website : /

      If I had to take a guess it would be that most ad buyers work with several ad buying networks / exchanges and the cookie pool they target is most likely duplicated and it wouldn't be in the networks interest to limit the cookie pool users so they can spend more of the advertiser's money.

      It'd be nice to see in 2018 both publishers and ad networks promote and execute online advertising responsibly (perhaps leading to more effectiveness?).

    • I also found certain ads follow me even after I've made a purchase and there has been no way to let them know it despite looking through their ad feedback pages.

    • As an advertiser, I look at the pitches made by old media companies and they are crap. My ad would run next to the garbage in your CW screenshot, at an expensive rate, without any ability to choose what articles are targeted. New media companies, which are generally smaller and more targeted in the motorcycle world, offer good options but limited reach.

      As a consumer, I don't like sites that disrespect me, and so many do. Ads pop up over content, for things that I'm not only unintrested in, but also a little insulted by (get rid of my bunions? What makes you think I have bunions?).

      I feel like the next evolution of online ads will go further in the direction of respecting the reader. They'll do a better job of targeting (and a better job of letting go once a purchase is made!), and they'll fall more in line with content instead of obstructing it as so many do now.

      Here's hoping, anyway!

    • One of the problems is that gathering data about people to make the ads more meaningful, effective or relevant requires building a profile of the person and in todays world many people are wanting to share less and less information. At this point many people don't know how to block all the cookies and data collection but at some point they will and then what?

    • I think on services where you follow people like Facebook, that is certainly true. You 👍 things to be kind to your family, and you follow your Uncle's ski trip because he's your uncle, not because you want to buy new skis.

      I think it's different on services where you follow your interests. You can advertise about skis in the skiing section and probably have better luck.

    • While not as large an operation as Cake over the past six years me and a few frienda turned a podcast of friends just talking about AV into a self sufficient site that has brought on one employee full time after four years. That wasn’t our plan, we just wanted to cover expenses so we approached AV companies and asked them to “underwrite”. We then ended up with packages for tradeshows. The reason I say “underwriters” is when we started there was no plan for profit. But we are now a very very low profit company, think three figures. Also we control the adverts not an external advertising engine. Kind of like an analog periodical over the air radio.

      As an example the Integrated Systems Europe show just finished. We had a title underwriter that funded our expenses for going to Europe. Their advert is on the event page and get special call outs in podcasts. It is subtle and not tracked. We also decided no advertising/underwritering on the front page that takes one somewhere else. So we have a poll brought to you be Brand X. No link just a name drop.

      It isn’t much revenue but that wasn’t our intention; obviously a little different target. But it allows us to control our website and what is advertised.

      Also I am using Toni’s rule of accounting at the moment, cash not numbers on paper. (I am the experienced person in the group so I control the fiances and website operations.)Yup, I am a little proud of what happened as a hobby so please pardon my storytelling to get to the point of:

      If/when monetizing, do it internally. You control the brand image. Also get a sales person who is commission based, then try to make them the highest paid employee in the company. So a tag like Video could have adverts from Samsung and talking about their new digital cinema screen with Cinema Color Gamut.

      But I digress from insomnia and know the group is smart and understand.

      I can make you a great deal on some underwriting for our show AVSocial.… (humor not selling, cause I respect that I am a guest.)