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    • Wow, Netflix documentaries are getting ever more dramatic:

      Every now and then, I get completely sucked in by an HBO or Netflix documentary, like I did with Making A Murderer or The Inventor.

      I don’t like the steamy gossipy side of the Epstein story, but I sure want to know how he made his money, how he made so many friends in high places, and how he got away with exploiting under aged girls for so long.


    • I think there are two unanswered questions for me with Epstein:

      • Why was his cell unwatched at the time he died?

      • Which of his powerful friends knew about his sexual exploitation of underage women?

      Unless the documentary answers either of those questions, I think the deep dive I read in The New Yorker is more than enough on Epstein for one life time.

    • There are survivors to interview, so I hope this documentary shows a list of accomplices and murder suspects. A lot of Netflix crime documentaries have a fast paced first episode and then drag out red herrings for pointless middle episodes, just to give all the interesting details in the final episode. So I'm getting a bit tired of them, but there's a good chance I'd watch the first episode.