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    • Tesla has now eclipsed Toyota as the world’s largest automaker. Investors have certainly experienced a wild ride over the past year, six months, six weeks:

      From less than $500 per share in July 2019, to $800 in February 2020, to $400 a month later, to over $1,000 in July 2020.

      Imagine being a Tesla engineer with stock options: every day is a new surprise.

      Is now the time to bail while “the getting’s good” or is Tesla’s growth trajectory just starting?


      Tesla Overtaking Toyota Reflects Market Shift to Tech




    • When you say TSLA is the largest automaker, I believe you are actually saying the stock market valuation of TSLA is larger than Toyota or GM or Mercedes-Benz etc. But that is not the same as saying they build the most vehicles, or employ the most people, or sell the most cars and trucks, or have the largest factories, or the largest dealer foot prints. TSLA has really been quite a ride.

      Would you be buying at these levels?? Some folks certainly are, or the price would fall.

      I have been very tempted to sell some TSLA at these current prices, but if I wait unit early August my basis shifts from short term to long term, and the profits are treated differently - so it has been a conundrum. I think I may sell puts against TSLA in hopes of replacing what I sell at some point in the future.

      I do have some of my positione covered with calls, that I sold with too low a strike - but who dreamed TSLA would rise 5 fold since last August? I do know the TSLA shorts have done a lot of bleeding. I suspect that much of the current buyers are short covering, but that's just my WAG.

      There are a whole lot of reasons to think the marklet may be significantly lower this fall, from virus infections to political elections to black swans.

      I didn't answer your question, I see!

      Elon's going to Mars, everything will be fine!!

      Everyone needs at least two Teslas, don'cha know??

    • the guy is brilliant but more important he is on a mission to establish humans as a multi planetary species. With that kind of motivation nothing can get in his way. Tesla, Space X, the Boring company, solar panels... it all fits as part of his plan. He almost single handed lay is taking us into the next phase of civilization.

    • Brilliant people should be allowed some eccentricity. It comes with the territory.

      I measure his contribution to society by what he does (all the companies he had created) rather than what he says (Twitter rants against masks etc).

      As for Tesla. It is painfully obvious to me that in 20 years, almost everyone is going to be driving an EV of some sort. They are just more efficient. Faster. Stronger. Quieter. And in time, will get cheaper

      I am not personally thrilled about it cause I love me a naturally aspirated V8. But the transition is inevitable.

      Tesla leads that race in EVs. So I am convinced they are nowhere near their peak.

      Unless Elon Musk spontaneously combusts into an irreparable controversy (he has tried in the past), Tesla should be fine.

      The only weakness of Tesla is also it’s strength. The brand is too strongly associated with Musk. It wouldn’t survive without him. Quite like Apple struggled when Jobs was ousted.