Wow, somehow that other conversation got away from me but there were fascinating ways to find music in it.

The story you just linked was perfect timing for me because here’s the thing: I like to discover music while running or mountain biking. I’ve been feeling like a Neanderthal because I use YouTube while everyone else talks up Spotify and 50 other hipster discovery sites.

There is so much good music on YouTube it’s astonishing; people in their bedrooms doing covers of songs I prefer to the performance of a major artist; or songs they wrote themselves accompanied only by their piano as if they were Lady Gaga.

The trouble is communicating with YT via AirPods by double-tapping left isn’t good enough. I decided while running yesterday to spring for the new Siri AirPods to see how good I can get at YouTube music discovery while running

All this time I was thinking i’m a dinosaur for my YouTube music obsession.