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    • After thinking about the favorite three television series, i started thinking about some of the memories I have from my childhood and the impact they have had.

      The three biggest for me are:

      Nixon resigning. I was four so I definitely didn’t understand the impact but knew something was happening based on the reactions from my family. I remember being told that the President was in trouble for being a bully and then lieing about it. Overly simple but I was four and still remember it. The impact, don’t be mean and don’t lie when caught. Yes, it wasafine line but basically lieing is usually worse then just admitting what one did wrong.

      ApolloSoyuz lainch. I remember this one very vividly, a black and white television that had push buttons to select VHF channels, a chrome bezel, and of course rabbit ears. I even remember the orange short pile carpet and off white cloth couch. I was hooked on space.

      The loss of Challenger - yes there were lots of space milestones like Viking and Voyager. Cultural milestones like Star Wars and M*A*S*H. However it was the first time I experienced astronauts losing their lives and that space flight wasn’t easy. Also seeing the impact to the country helped me understand more about previous loses and successes to the country. It also showed people were willing to pay the ultimate price for things they believed in. Not science per se, but what a person believed in.

      I can trace various decisions and paths in my life back to these three items.

    • In terms of events I witnessed via television, I'd say the three that had the most impact on me emotionally were:

      The 9/11 terrorist attacks. My roommate woke me up after the news broke that the first plane had hit the tower. Like many people, we were watching live when the second plane hit. I still can't fully describe the feeling — it was as if the entire world had just been yanked out from under me and flipped upside down. Everything changed in an instant, and suddenly I lived in a world I didn't recognize. I also remember TV in the weeks after: how people came together in their grief; how David Letterman and Conan O'Brien and Jon Stewart shared their own sadness and vulnerability and in doing so gave us permission to laugh again. It was a surreal time.

      Obama winning the 2008 election. After 9/11 and eight years of Bush and Cheney and the economic crisis, I was cynical and jaded. I wanted Obama to win, but it didn't feel safe to believe that it might actually happen. I wasn't sure the world was a good enough place anymore to let it happen. When it did happen, I was speechless. I watched his acceptance speech with tears in my eyes, and it felt like the world might actually be a better place than I had thought it was.

      Trump winning the 2016 election. If there's an exact opposite to what I felt when Obama won, this was it. Like many people, I was confident that most voters would see Trump for what he was and reject him. When he won, I was devastated. I went through all the classic stages of grief over the next few weeks.

    • i did not see the Challenger accident on TV live. I was in biology dissecting a frog. So it was an event I lived through as it happened but didn’t experience live.

      I fully remember 9/11 down to the hotel room I was in at the Sportsman’s Lodge in LA. While that and the elections definitely have had an impact, I wonder if it is an age difference thing.