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    • I have been guilty of not thinking about this myself. Good lesson learned here.

      Warning about "juice jacking."

      Juice jacking happens when unsuspecting users plug their electronic devices into USB ports or use USB cables that have been loaded with malware.

      The malware then infects the devices, giving hackers a way in. They can then read and export your data, including your passwords, and even lock up the gadgets, making them unusable.

      To protect yourself, use your own safe cables (no "give-away" cables which might have malware), only plug into an electrical outlet, and use portable batteries from known vendors.

    • Good advice, @Angie. Fortunately, I now have the Galaxy Note 9 and it really does have all day power. I have purposely tried to run the battery down several times but I still have 50% by the end of the day!

    • Also, you can buy a 'power only' cables, that don't have data lines connected at all. Then you can be sure that nothing but electricity will be coming over them.

      A power only USB extension is also a good solution (so you can use whichever charging cable you already have). Just note that QuickCharge and other high-power charging solutions won't work (and will fall back to regular charging) because they need data communication for protocol negotiation.

    • It is a good phone, the Note 9. I thought I would be indifferent to being able to use the stylus as a camera remote, but have since realised how useful this feature actually is.

    • I'm usually reluctant to plug my phones in unknown cables and chargers, simply because they may get fried. I know it's not as elegant as an I Phone, but with the motomods - using Motorola Z3 play power pack - I can run two days before needing recharge.

      I can also get the projector accessory out, and charge movie admission tickets 🤡

    • I have a case that can charge my iPhone 7. Fits like a glove on it. Really nice. My phone is a bit older now, so I typically need to use that case if I’m out and about once a day, but it gets the job done. It’s my go-to when I travel as well. I also have another small portable charger as well, which has bailed me out when I forgot to charge my case. Thanks for the travel tip, @Angie!