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    • Five stars for this excellent book! I really couldn't recommend it more! All about teenage girls and the transgender craze! A book every parent, member of the public, and medical professionals should read!

    • I'd say the use of the term "transgender craze" in the tagline kind of implies that I'm pretty unlikely to agree with what I read there.

    • Would you not agree that almost anything can be taken to such an extreme that the extreme is crazy?

      I posted a link to an article in The Guardian which discussed how the Carbon Neutral CRAZE was destroying the forests of Estonia. It makes no sense to wipe out the earth's natural eco-system in order to reduce how much Carbon is being produced and that is what makes CRAZE the appropriate word.

      Snap Judgments are often bad judgments.

    • Would you not agree that almost anything can be taken to such an extreme that the extreme is crazy?

      Yes, I would agree with that, and it applies to all areas of life from religious or political fundamentalism to people who dedicate themselves to collecting things.

      But I'd also say that to apply the term 'craze' or 'fad' or anything similar to a serious, delicate, and really quite complex topic like transgenderism is quite dangerous and insensitive.

      I haven't read the book so I'm not going to comment any more deeply on it's content because I just don't know.

      I reacted solely to the tagline as many people will do. My reaction was to find it a bit worrying, but many other people will see that word 'craze' and without reading the book or any other sources of legitimate information on the topic will just use those few words to reinforce their uninformed views, taking it as confirmation that transgenderism is just a lifestyle, or a fad, a choice someone makes, which is a massive over-simplification. Massive over-simplifications often lead to misunderstanding, intolerance and prejudice.

      I get the tagline, it creates reaction and discussion and draws people to read to find out of the author's viewpoint is really as simple as it implies. So I guess it's working well :-)

    • The book is not about transgenderism per se. The book is about surgerical procedures on pre-pubescent girls (primarily) who in spite of never having behaved in any way or spoke in any way which suggested either SSA or Identifying as other, after having been exposed to social media or celebrities who are part of the transgender movement, suddenly announced that they were transgender. The book suggests that many of these children are simply impressionable and are seeking to fit in with what appears to them to be glamorous.

      It is a knee-jerk reaction to evaluate a book simply on a personal guess as to what the book is discussing.

    • As I said, I haven't read the book, and I was reacting to the tagline.

      So I don't think I've made any kneejerk reactions at all, I've commented on the danger that I think those words pose, which is mostly to/from other people who haven't read the book.