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    • falling off bikes is a Necessary evil do we fall off because were pushing our selfs behond our riding capacity or not fully focused, or is it down to someone else? If we talk about it does it make us think we’re going to have a “off” is it always in our heads in the back somewhere, just sitting there until we come to that rock garden we’re not fully comfortable with.

      Don’t get me wrong I have been hit by cars, shot at, pushed off, punched in the face, spat at witnessed all kinds of activitys in the woods, even found a bran new tea bag in the middle of no where wasn’t even a track I was lost !! the list goes on but covering the distance I do per year you have to expect something.......My worst off was on the back yard with my kids on the bmx, jumping over bricks seeing how high we can go, (in my head when I was a kid I was a professional bmx-er 🙄) it was the just one more dad show is again that did it. I think we find most of the time it is just the one more run, just one more go. Must of landed funny I can’t remember, snapped the seat post in half. Anyway I seperated my AC joint, snapped all 3 ligaments and torn the rotor cuff in my right shoulder.

      I had to pretend I was ok so not to worry the kids if nothing else, but the pain was horrendous. 3 years later no operation and having covered approximately (via strava)16000 hard miles and some of the best and hardest single track the U.K has to offer under my belt. silly ? Stupid? Or dedicated to the sport we love? Riding bikes is like a drug and I need my fix.

      That accident changed my life I discovered my wife was having a affair, I moved on to another city arm still in a sling, new partner and baby boy. Completely change of everything in my life, but I was still riding still preforming on the bike almost in auto pilot miles ticking by day by day. Was it meant to be ? Or just a hard knock in the chops? Either way I’m in a better position now than I have ever been.

      What’s your worst off ? What experiences have you had whilst out in the big wide world? If you wish to share and discuss I’d love to read.......and now I’m ready for my operation 😂

      Thanks for reading, happy riding 👊🏻

    • I imagine an operation to repair the damage would make the injury feel much better. Ten years ago this month, I was in an auto accident and one of my injuries was a broken collar bone which was very painful. I had to wait two weeks before they could schedule surgery, a painful long wait. The afternoon after the operation, I could lift my arm above my shoulder. Having the metal plate installed to mend the break was an instantaneous fix. Yes, there was a recovery time but I was certainly appreciative of the results. I bet your shoulder situation will ultimately feel much better after being repaired. ;-)

    • Ow, yikes, drzmike. 16,000 hard miles after an injury like that. I can't imagine.

      I've had some pretty serious falls mountain biking that have knocked the wind out of me, made me sore for a few days, etc., but somehow no bones broken. And yet it seems half dozen friends have broken collarbones or separated shoulders.

      The worst thing that happened to me was getting hit by a pickup truck on my road bike. That knocked me out and fractured my skull. A helicopter arrived quickly and flew me within minutes to the emergency room, where I spent 10 hours. I'd post a photo but it's pretty gross. I'm fine now, but the emergency room docs said a significant number of patients they see with a head injury like that don't make it.

    • My biking life has been similar to yours. I was on a bmx trick team (Jay Miron rode his bike on my half pipe), raced mountain bikes and road bikes and raced dirt bikes. I - like you - have ridden many miles (over 64,000km on Strava since I joined) and had lots of get offs. What have I injured...let's see: broken hand, broken thumb, 3 or 4 broken fingers, couple of serious concussions, injured testes (at a bmx trick show), torn meniscus, torn ACL, broken upper arm, torn cartilage in my shoulder, nerve damage in my neck that has caused atrophy and other problems in my shoulder and back, multiple serious torn groin injuries, broken nose, bruised lungs, broken ankle, torn ankle, dislocated pinky finger and so on. It's hard for me to even remember half the injuries I've had and these are only from bike injuries. I've had plenty more from other things. I still bike plenty and try not to let the injuries slow me down too much :) Bikes are my life.

    • On my road bike. Hit a rock at 40 mph or so. Blew out front tire. Same result, grade 4 ac separation. I ride with a couple of orthopedic guys. Both said end results the same, with or without surgery. If you get s screw in it, you won’t have the lump in the shoulder. Otherwise, no different. They both recommended no surgery. I was in a brace for quite a while, tho....

    • There used to be a guy who rode motocross at our local national track and he only had one arm. I can't imagine taking those huge jumps with one arm.