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    • I've been getting great footage from the GoPro, but this thing blows my mind. Great video:

      There are some written reviews which basically say that you can film forwards and backwards while doing some crazy action, but there are some small hits in screen size and image quality:

      This camera is not radically larger than a standard action cam, you don’t lose out on water resistance entirely and switching lenses barely takes any time at all. 

      In our full review we’ll put the One R head-to-head with the GoPro Max. It can act like a standard GoPro or a 360-degree camera with the touch of a virtual button, with a hit to image quality compared with a standard GoPro. 

      But does the dedicated 4K 16mm camera here beat the Max soundly enough to make up for the small screen, less friendly interface and limited field-of-view flexibility? We’ll find out soon. 

      I dunno, what think you?