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    • Today is the day for a COVID-19 friendly protest, where mass gatherings are taking place in a COVID friendly way to raise awareness and our concerns for week environmental laws and the needs to toughen them up. All levels of government have a roll to play here. No government from any side has a great record here. For those that think it’s unnecessary you only have to look at the cracked river beds south of Sydney where rivers no longer flow and Governments have not been able to hold the companies responsible to repair the damage to a stage of flowing rivers again, the governments have not stepped in either to repair the damage so the companies got their profits out of the mistake, the governments haven’t had to spend money so the ones to suffer are the wildlife that depended on the down stream water and the environment. We need stronger environmental laws. We are running out of time to protect what we have left.
      The governments keep telling us how smart they are well nows the time to take action, save the environment and at the same time great more jobs than environmentally destructive jobs every could. With Automation coming into most industries jobs that used to be labour intensive now only employ a few while every job is important in the current situation it’s a matter of choosing the right jobs and growing them. Rather than a lazy government that relies on old jobs and still thinks of old technology about time the government practices some of what it preaches and starts to get innovative itself with its laws and policies especially around environmental protections. Rather than saying we’re in a crisis so now is not the time to talk about certain issues. Our Federal government made such claims during the bushfires but has since not found the time to talk about it. The governments tell us we need to be COVID safe and not gather. So today’s protest is COVID safe no physical gatherings as such but we need to get the message out we care about the environment, create environmentally safe jobs restoring the last twenty years of environment destruction.

      The Protest On October 1, join us in staging your own Plushie Protest for stronger nature laws!

      Australia has some incredible birds and wildlife, but we also have one of the worst extinction records on Earth.

      Right now, we have an opportunity to strengthen our laws so they actually protect nature and wildlife. As you know, our national environment law is currently under review – something that only happens once a decade. But we still need to keep extinction on the agenda.

      While coronavirus means we can’t protest in person, we can still help make extinction visible!

      That’s why on Thursday 1 October, thousands of Australian animal plush toys will step in for their human friends and stage “plushie protests” across the country.

      With your help, our fluffy friends will take to social media to make the extinction crisis visible and demand stronger laws that actually protect our unique nature and wildlife – before it’s gone.

      Take part in just two easy steps!
      Step 1:
      Set up your plushie protest by:
      - Gathering your Australian animal plush toys. Or use whatever soft toys you have!
      - Make some miniature banners or signs. Example text includes, 'Demand strong nature laws', 'End extinction', '#beforeitsgone'
      - Arrange your plushie protest for a photo. Take a few photos of your plushie protest and save them to post your best photos on Thursday 1 October.

      Step 2:
      Post it to social media on Thursday 1st October and make sure you include:
      - The hashtag #beforeitsgone
      - Your best plushie protest photo
      - A message about why you want strong laws to protect nature and wildlife
      - Tag Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Environment Minister Sussan Ley
      Twitter: @ScottMorrisonMP and @sussanley
      Facebook: @Scott Morrison (ScoMo) and @Sussan Ley MP
      Instagram: @scottmorrisonmp and @sussanleymp

      Let's get the momentum going and make the extinction crisis visible!

      See you and your plushies on Thursday 1st October